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Kommande festivaler: 13-15 maj

Open House Helsinki 13-15 May

The focus of this year's festival is everyday architecture, such as private homes, suburbs, schools, workplaces and cultural destinations. Catch a glimpse of Helsinki's fir st suburb Pihlajamäki, Metropolia's Myllypuro campus, the Dance House, and more. Virtual visitors can join by watching a recorded interview with housing architect Timo Vormala online.

Open House Basel 14-15 May

Open House Basel is offering access to 101 buildings in the city over the festival weekend. Check out the development and transformation of the new hotspot Lysbüchel district in north Basel, a mix of new and modified buildings and many small scale cooperatives. For a more active exploration join the Beads in the Green tours by bicycle.

Open House Milan 14-15 May

Learn about the ongoing transformation of Lombardy's capital at the new edition of the Italian festival. Join the organised tours through the six sestieri, historical districts in which the city was divided in ancient times, see everyday places in a different light, and discover their historical and contemporary significance.

Open House Lisbon 14-15 May

Themed Rebellion of the Invisible, the 2022 festivalofferings the opportunity to explore the city indoors and outdoors. Exteriors, more restrained by urban regulations that try to preserve a collective identity, contrast with surprising spaces inside, whose invisible transformation in the private domain shows new ways of dwelling. Choose from guided visits, urban itineraries, sound walks and much more in 70 locations in Lisbon and Almada.


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